A-E-I-U-E-O Ao!! is a song known for its hard version, being played a lot by the more experienced community.


First opening for the anime "Hinako Note". The actual song is sung by the cast of the show, featuring a very "moe" vibe.

Crafting Recipe

  • 1 Medium Orange Note
  • 3 Small Orange Notes
  • 1 Medium Red Note


  • Notes: 228 Normal / 982 Hard
  • Back then, A-E-I-U-E-O Ao!! did not have a hard version, along with many other songs. This was then changed recently and currently now has a hard version.
  • A-E-I-U-E-O Ao!! has the largest difficulty gap in the game with 21.
  • Many people speculate that hard difficulty should be ranked lower.
    • However, spotco claims that he does not want to change the difficulty because it is the first difficulty 25 that has made it in game.
  • Its hard mode currently has more than 9,000 plays.
  • Its normal mode has up to 40,000 plays.
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