A song from 1998 bullet hell video game 'Lotus Land Story', the fourth entry in the Touhou Project series by Team Shanghai Alice. Notable for being remixed and covered by singer 'Nomico', with black-and-white shadow puppet video popular in the 'Demoscene' community.


  • Notes: 2337 Normal / 3905 Hard
  • This is currently the longest song in the game with a song length of 4:51, surpassing Dark Sheep (VIP).
  • This song has the second most notes in the game, right behind Dark Sheep (VIP) with 4081 notes for its hard difficulty.
  • This song has the most notes in normal difficulty, followed by Dark Sheep (VIP) with 2147 notes for its normal difficulty.
  • Although this is a VIP Exclusive, it was available in the RoBeats Challenge Pass Season 8, but has now ended. It was obtained if the required mission was completed. The normal was earned on challenge #3, and the hard on challenge #6.
  • As of August 2020:
    • The normal difficulty has over 145,600 plays.
    • The hard difficulty has over 65,500 plays.
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