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From Camellia’s 2016 album, 'Cyphisonia E.P.'. Themed as 'Cypher' and 'Mysteries', there is a puzzle embedded in the songs of this album which, when solved, will lead to two additional hidden songs. Map by angrybird16755.



Official Upload
Ardolf ChromaticDark DungeonEscape RealityTeleport me to your soulVarcolac
ARForest Birds of PlagueFarewellHemisphere(Remake ver.)InfectionPostliminiumshatteredShow Your StyleSky GazerTake It AwayThe Last PageVR in the Virtual World
brz1128 Asteroid's DreamBluelightCanneles au chocolatHappy Lucky --> Injection!!Lemonede ChiffonOceanusPLAZMAPlumagePrimulaRockstarSounds of BeginningSplash Sunbeachstanciarastrawberry sherbet(KSMEdit)TRICKY_TRIPPERTwinkle ParadeTwinkle*Winter
BSlick Adopt MeAll Right ThereAmong UsGhostingHonkI Can't Say WhyI Caught a HackerInkLet's Show ThemOpen Your EyesRDC AnthemStrongThe Untold StoryThe WitherTogetherWinning Smile
Camellia (The) Red * RoomArcology on Permafrost [VIP]Bad Apple!! (Camellias Bad Psy!! Remix)Bermuda TriangleBuzzbox76CICADA3302 (Full Version) [VIP]Clouds in the BlueCrab Rave (Camellia Remix) [VIP]crystallizeddreamless wandererExit This Earth's AtomosphereExit This Earth's Atomosphere (Camellia's 'Planetary//200step' Remix) [VIP]Fly Wit MeGHOSTGHOST (2020 Halloween+++++++++ VIP)GHOULI don't care about Christmas thoughintroduction - INSANE INFLAMELabyrinth in Kowloon: Walled WorldLight it upliquatedLooking for Edge of GroundM1LLI0N PPMystery Circles Ultra / U.U.F.O.Myths You ForgotNacreous SnowmeltNasty * Nasty * SpellNewspapers for MagiciansOmega(x2)PARTS [VIP]PLANET//SHAPERput' l'da (Full Version) [VIP]Splatter PartyThe Best of Cametek Mashup [VIP]This Future (we didn't expect)Together forever, my lovely lovely video game cartridgesWe Could Get More Machinegun Psystyle! (And More Genre Switches)We Magicians Still Alive in 2021 (Full Version) [VIP]
Chroma [@_@]Chroma 'Heavenly' Mashup [VIP]Dark Sheep [VIP]Dark Sheep (Funkin' Remix) [VIP]Dreaming of Flying in the Night SkyFarewell, My FriendLearn The LanguageMagicRice Expedition - Looking for the Voice of DawnShare FriendshipSummer Met With a Meteor Shower
coda Bomb-Sniffing PomeranianCan't Stop Our Noise (Full Version) [VIP]Dog JamDorito Dustdrive real fast (on fire)Hue ShiftMaking DewNo DiceReport 4: New WorldSummer Supernovatires on fire
Creo AuraAuroraAwakenCarnivoresChallengerCrystallizeDimensionDuneEnigmaEpilogueExosphereLightmareNautilusOctanePlace On FireRed HazeRivalsRock ThingShape of the SunSphereThe Best of Creo Vol.1 [VIP]The Best of Creo Vol. 2 [VIP]Worlds
Dimrain47 At the Speed of Light (Full Version) [VIP]Buzztone SymphonyDualityOperation: EvolutionSurfaceThe Falling Mysts
Egg Yolk Artificial Intelligence Bomb (Egg Yolk Remix)Christmas FrenzyCrystallized IgnitionEnter This Earth AtomosphereInsight (Egg Yolk Remix)JoyrideParadoxiaReboundRetaliation
F-777 AloneCosmic BlasterDance of the ViolinsDeadlockedDubstepahLudicrous SpeedMonster Dance OffPhantomShaolin WarriorSong of AdventuresSpace BattleSpace Battle (D5wolf! Remix) (VIP)Space Battle feat. RoBeats! RemixStay TunedSuper SantaToy Factory
FinnMK Daily LifeDecisionsMonday Night MonstersShop 'til You DropShow's Startin'Walkin' 'n' Strollin'
Fritzy Insight (1NS1GHTFUL Remix)RoBeats Remix Ten [VIP]
fusq BlushCutie CutieGatewayInnerLike You!Perfume!Yeah!
garlagan 00DirectionDoGoing BackHolographysp0M0kyt0Y0uWhat You LoveWhat You Really WantWho Knows
Geoxor AetherAll Over the Place - Geoxor Mashup [VIP]DEADEuphoriaFaerieGalaxyMonekoMoonlightNanaShaiiVirtual (Full Version) (VIP)
Got1Butter All Over the Place - Geoxor Mashup [VIP]Robeats: The Light Speed Mashup [VIP]SPEEDCORE BOMBWorld of Hinkik [VIP]
HalfDuck Endless OceansFlipper FrenzySoulless 5 (HalfDuck Cover) [VIP]The Warrior's QuackWings Of A Duck
Haywyre in your sight (matthieumusic's digifu-electrofunk-future bass remix)InsightInsight (Full Version) [VIP]Insight (1NS1GHTFUL Remix)Insight (Egg Yolk Remix)Insight (Flynt Remix)Insight (Himitsu's DnB Remix)Insight (Johno's Hell Remix)Insight (Nyctophobe Remix)Insight (Rutra Remix)Insight (ZirconEscalus 8-Bit Remix)
Hinkik EnaExplorersGuardianMomentumOutbreakerRealmsSkystrikeTime LeaperWorld of Hinkik [VIP]
Hyper Potions JellyMaboroshiPapayaPuppy RacewayShooting StarSnow DaySurfThe Speed In My SoulTrick or TreatWhere We Wanna Be
James Landino BirdsongHide And SeekHit ThatJames Landino's Ultimate Gaming Mix [VIP]Quantum LoveReactionShiba IslandSpeed Future ZoneSpellboundSquid RaveStarsSus FunkWednesday Night Wreckin'
Joshua Kaplan Jump, Goober, Jump!!Window Cleaner: A Tale of Two Gangs
Just Dance All You Gotta Do (Is Just Dance)ChiwawaIrish Meadow DanceKool KontactNitro BotSayonaraSpectronizerSugar DanceSweat Around The World (Intense Mix)Swinging 60's Workout (Intense Mix)XMas TreeYameen Yasar
Kawai Sprite BlammedBopeeboCocoaDad BattleEggnogFreshMomMonsterPhilly NicePicoRosesSatinSenpaiSouthSpookeezThornsWinter Horrorland
Kurokotei AstarBPM = RTChronostasisDevil's PalmGalaxy CollapseGalaxy Collapse (Classic Map) [VIP]Galaxy Collapse (Full Version) [VIP]#include <signal.h>Kurokotei x Se-U-Ra Mashup: When Two Worlds Collide [VIP]NeurotoxicityScattered Faith
Laur AfflictAttractor DimensionEuphoriaLast JudgementSound Chimera (Game Edition)Viyella's DestinyViyella's Memory
LeaF Alice in MisanthropeArmageddonATHAZACalamity FortuneDoppelgangerEvanescentKyouki RanbuLeaF Style Super * Mashup [VIP]LyrithMARENOLMopemopePoison AND/OR AffectionWizdomiot
Maliboux DeliriousGet It RightGoodLoveLights OutRoses
matthieumusic brilliantly engineered explosivein your sight (matthieumusic's digifu-electrofunk-future bass remix)retro racewaySMALL THEFT AUTOsugar rushsupernovasweet dreamsthe battle to save the world or whateverURBAN CELERYvix
MH (Marquan Harper) Errors (Radio Edit)RebirthTouch
MisoilePunch AmnehilesieAnemoneCatalinesieDelusional!!Inferno CityJack Out KIllerLosTear'n HeriXMelodies With YouMesheerMeTear'n TruXOur MemoriesOverrrload!!!Time Traveler
Monstercat About UAre We Still YoungCarissaChasing CloudsColorCrab RaveCrab Rave (Camellia Remix) [VIP]Decoy World VIPDecoy World VIP (Full Version) [VIP]DriftersEnigma (Monstercat)EPICEscapeFeel Your HeartForwardFrom HereGalactic VoyageGalaxiesGoldGold (Full Version) [VIP]Heat WaveHotI Can'tInternet BoyLet's RollLet's TalkMachinaMark TwainMedusaNeonNew WorldOcean EyesOnly YouOver ItPLAYPlay It CoolRevengerSpectrumSpriteSt TropezTaking Me Higher
naruto2413 -feeding-AI Bomb (ZirconEscalus Remix)AI Bomb on vocal (revision 2)Antares FC (NES) VersionArtificial Intelligence BombArtificial Intelligence Bomb (Egg Yolk Remix)Beyond BlackBlue future FC (NES) VersionBomb-Sniffing Pomeranianbrilliantly engineered explosiveGod ASKif i could return in the 90sModulation to Move the MindSHINE!SPEEDCORE BOMBStay Close to Me -I love you-Summer Is OverTheme of SYMPOSIUM FC (NES) Version (Full Version) [VIP]
Nash Music Library Baby I Don't CareCrazy MagicCutie Lovely PrincessHappy Touch!Happy! Lucky! La KirariHold Me, MagicLovely My PrinceMonsterOrangeSilly BeeStep ForwardSummer Time Lover
nekodex carol of the circlesLittle Drummer Girlwelcome to christmas!
NOMA Brain PowerBrain Power (Cranky Remix)
poscle RiraN Hardstyle Mashup [VIP]RoBeats Halloween 2021 Mashup! [VIP]The Silentroom Collection [VIP]The World of Kepo's 2-Sided Mix [VIP]
RiraN Back OutDaydreamDaydream (Album Extended ver.) [VIP]Don't Stop the RaveHate The MostReady For The MadnessRiraN Hardstyle Mashup [VIP]Take The Long Way HomeThe Guardians Of The SunThe Memory of Summer (Full Version) [VIP]UnshakableYou & I
Rousseau Dance of the Sugar Plum FairyFlight of the BumblebeeFur EliseRevolutionary Etude
Rutra AliveAnother dayBetter RunBodyChilloutDreamFeeling AlrightFireInsight (Rutra Remix)Level UpMake Your Body ShakeRutra - Mashup (for Robeats) [VIP]SlowlySpooky timeTake Your TimeVulture (Remasterized)Wanna See A Light
Se-U-Ra Afterwars -Infection-AiyatvsChronotoCritical Fort-LessDark Desire of Ark SixE-Lectixilent (E-xtended Mix) [VIP]Eternity Dedicated to TravelersF-RozenetteHazArtOthHeaven's Gear (burying side)Kurokotei x Se-U-Ra Mashup: When Two Worlds Collide [VIP]L-UxorLOA2ShironoboTraveler ~stand aloof~
Silentroom 9876734123Angel EchoAultureBhuteshaGAMEBOYNhelvNULCTRLOn our PlanetRainshowerREBIRTHThe Silentroom Collection [VIP]
Similar Outskirts Abyss DwellerChaosFind My WayIn The MomentMagneticNO STOPPING US (Similar Outskirts Remix) [VIP]PyreUnlimited
Slynk Delight MeDisco OperatorGet BusyInsideKeep The Party JumpingMeant To BePeople Get UpThings That You DoWith The Funk
Tobu CandylandCandyland pt. IICloud 9ColorsDestinyFind MyselfHigherIn My MindInfectiousLa BelleLet's GoLostLouder NowMelomaniaMiraclePart of HistoryPinballSave MeSunburstWho Needs A Broken HeartWith Your Love
Tower Heroes Branch BlitzDemiseIdol EncoreStarlight Strike
tv room Be My Time MachineDon't WannaNow I DoOn Channel 13: The tv room Mashup [VIP]Say It BackSomething in the WaterThe Long DriveThe Vocab QuizWill There Really Be A Morning?
UNDEAD CORPORATION Chase The RabbitEmbraced by the Flame (English version)Everything Will FreezeEverything Will Freeze (Classic Map) [VIP]Everything Will Freeze (Vocal) [VIP]Fairy DanceNo AntidoteThe Empress (scream off version)
Waterflame Arcade PunkBlast ProcessingClutterfunkElectroman Adventures V2EndgameFinal Battle (Full Version) [VIP]Glorious Morning 2Hexagon ForceJumperLightspeedLines FadingTime Machine
xi (xi_com_giko_31) AgarthaBad ElixirBlue ZenithDouble HelixFREEDOM DiVEFREEDOM DiVE (Classic Map)FREEDOM DiVE (Koneko's Full Version)FREEDOM DiVE [METAL DIMENSIONS] FREEDOM DiVE [METAL DIMENSIONS] (Classic Map)HalcyonLonginusNiflheimrParousiaSeamless
ZirconEscalus AI Bomb (ZirconEscalus Remix)Celestial Scars!Insight (ZirconEscalus 8-Bit Remix)RiraN Hardstyle Mashup [VIP]RoBeats Halloween 2021 Mashup! [VIP]RoBeats Piano Mix [VIP]Robeats: The Light Speed Mashup [VIP]The Best of Creo Vol. 1 [VIP]The Best of Creo Vol. 2 [VIP]
RoBeats Mashups All Over the Place - Geoxor Mashup [VIP]Chroma 'Heavenly' Mashup [VIP]James Landino's Ultimate Gaming Mix [VIP]Kurokotei x Se-U-Ra Mashup: When Two Worlds Collide [VIP]LeaF Style Super * Mashup [VIP]On Channel 13: The tv room Mashup [VIP]RB Battles 2020 - The Songs [VIP]RiraN Hardstyle Mashup [VIP]RoBeats Halloween 2021 Mashup! [VIP]RoBeats Piano Mix [VIP]RoBeats Remix Ten [VIP]Robeats: The Light Speed Mashup [VIP]Rutra - Mashup (for Robeats) [VIP]The Best of Cametek Mashup [VIP]The Best of Creo Vol. 1 [VIP]The Best of Creo Vol. 2 [VIP]The Silentroom Collection [VIP]The World of Kepo's 2-Sided Mix [VIP]WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN [VIP]World of Hinkik [VIP]
Miscellaneous Astral TravelCanon In D Major (EduTry Remix)Circle of LifeCrystallized SnowDance Of The Sugarplum Fairy (The Nutcracker and the Four Realms Remix)Don't Dig DownDream DealerElectro CabelloGet Stickbugged LOL! (CG5 Remix)God ComplexGravityGroovy OatsInspireJungleMy WorldNocturne Silence of the NightPower UpRaining TacosRat’s Birthday Mixtape [VIP]RedruthRoblox Anthem ("Here We Go")Something Like A StarSpeedrunStadium Rave ASubsonic BlastTerrorizeTravelsTrick or Treat (Acylid)
Limited Time Songs As Strange As It SeemsBloomFluxgo awayHerHysteriai’m so goneLessen The DamageMore Than FriendsNever Find My PlaceOn The LevelSo Mean