I Keep Holding On (Victoria DJ Remix) is a song, and it is featured within RoBeats. It is mainly known for its fast broken staircases in the beginning and jacks in the bridge, I Keep Holding On has been the center of controversy due to its unusual and annoying patterns.


Originally a song by British group 'I SEE MONSTAS'. This song is best known for its remix by Skrillex and Nero, featured as the 'drop' in many over-the-top climactic videos.

Crafting Recipe

  • 2 Medium Red Notes
  • 1 Medium Orange Note
  • 1 Large Orange Note
  • 2 Medium Purple Notes


  • Notes: 740 Normal / 1087 Hard
  • This song was originally in the game as I Keep Holding On (My Hope Will Never Die) but was removed for Copyright reasons during the REMIXbeats update, while this song didn't come in straight away; a remix was found and was added in later.
  • Due to spotco being unsatisfied with the original map of this song, he “improved” it, adding the jacks that this song is now infamous for.
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