Monday Night Monsters is a song that you get straight away when you first play RoBeats. It is also the song used in the tutorial, teaching you the basics of the game. Monday Night Monsters is currently the MOST played song in the game, with its normal mode with over 235,000 plays.


The main theme of MONDAY NIGHT MONSTERS, a 2016 game by spotco. FinnMk is also the main composer of Robeats!

Crafting Recipe

  • 2 Small Orange Notes
  • 2 Small Purple Notes


  • Before having the tutorial released in a recent 2018 update, Monday Night Monsters originally had a difficulty of -99, also formerly referred to as "Monday Night Monsters Debug". The map only had 1 note, and was not mapped entirely.
  • Back then, to obtain Monday Night Monsters (Debug), you would have to get it through the Star Machine. Unfortunately, it was removed shortly after and was not possible to obtain anymore up until now.
  • Even if you skip the tutorial, you will still receive the normal version of the song.
  • Notes: 200 Normal / 536 Hard
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