Sandstorm (2XLC Remix) is a remix of the famous song Sandstorm. It is also featured on Robeats.


A trance song by Finnish DJ Darude in 1999. What's that song name again?

Crafting Recipe

  • 1 Large Orange Note
  • 3 Medium Blue Notes
  • 2 Medium Orange Notes


  • Notes: 955 Normal / 1311 Hard
  • The normal difficulty has over 33,000 plays.
  • The hard difficulty has over 8,000 plays.
  • Normal difficulty is known for its trills.
  • Hard difficulty is infamous for its jacks.
  • This song has been remapped by nodesiredusername.
    • Hard difficulty was formerly 21 and Normal difficulty was formerly 15 prior to the remap.
  • The remapped hard difficulty was formerly 24.
  • Despite that the song has been remapped, the song has also been recut.
  • This song was originally mapped by SnowflakeBonesy before getting remapped.
  • During the REMIXbeats update, this song replaces Sandstorm due to copyright.
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