Space Battle is a song featured in RoBeats. It was mostly popularized by the Geometry Dash Community.


The first track of the album "Ludicrous Speed" by Jesse Valentine, also known as F-777.

Crafting Recipe

  • 1 Large Blue Note
  • 2 Medium Blue Notes
  • 1 Large Purple Note
  • 2 Medium Purple Notes


  • Notes: 1147 Normal / 1591 Hard
  • Elements: FlowChillIconSmall.png
  • Hard difficulty was formerly 24.
  • Around the ending of the song, the normal version's map has been redesigned, and Normal Difficulty was formerly 16.
  • This song was replaced by Flew Far Faster during the REMIXbeats update, but was reverted and Flew Far Faster was kept as a new song.
  • There is another version of this song in the game, which is Space Battle (D5wolf! Remix).
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