Robeats Star

The icon used for Stars in-game

Stars are the secondary form of currency in Robeats. They are used for buying Hard variants of songs in the Song Shop, buying specific Gears, and also for the Star Machine.

Obtaining Stars

Before recent methods of obtaining stars, stars were only a premium currency. Stars were only obtained by buying them with robux. However, this has changed.

Unlike Coins, Stars can not be earned by winning multiplayer matches or through trading. Stars are earned through the following methods:

  • Purchasing them with Robux
  • Completing missions with Star rewards
  • Talking to an NPC that has a Star reward

Buying Stars

  • RobuxShop

    The RoBeats Robux Shop.

    Just like purchasing coins, buying stars is completely optional and is not mandatory.
  • To purchase stars simply click on the "Buy Coins & Stars" button on the top right hand corner. This will teleport a player to the left hand side of the shop (The Robux Shop), where there are purchasable coins, stars, and the RoBeats Starter Pack.
  • .The RoBeats Starter Pack consists of 100 coins, 50 stars, and every single starter song.

Completing Missions

  • Missions are tasks that are given daily in return for rewards, such as coins and stars. These tasks range from getting at least a certain number of points on songs to winning matches with a specific quantity of players.
  • One of the most valuable rewards that are given are stars. The amount of stars given go from 1-2 stars depending on the mission.


  • Recieve
    While walking throughout the map, players may encounter various NPCs. Sometimes these NPCs may give either coin or star rewards. These NPCs are created by various players, and can be made by interacting with the Friendly Alien next to the Gear Shop.
  • Players can pay for various kinds of messages/NPCs to leave around the map for different prices. To make an NPC of yourself that gives a star reward (1 star) to other players, it will cost 425 stars in total. It may take a while for your NPC to appear around the map.


  • When obtaining 1 Star by the means above, the game will use "Stars" as if gained more than one.
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